Best tampa towing company

Which is the best Tampa Towing Company? Here’s what local people think.

An experienced and technically capable Tampa towing company is what you will require if you ever have an engine breakdown, tire blowouts, battery issues, and other problems which are more common than you would think.

Herein lies the problem: there are several Tampa tow truck services, but many of them oversell their capabilities.

You will find most of these companies have excellent ratings on Yelp, Facebook, Foursquare, or Google, but these can be manipulated!

The best way to locate an agency that provides 24-hour towing in Tampa without fail is to actually speak with the people who live in and around this bustling city and have previously needed towing services.

That’s what we did- we spoke with Tampa’s residents and narrowed down our search for the most reliable tow truck Tampa service providers!

You will find more about the company at the end of this page- or you can scroll down the sections below and go straight to it if you are in a TL; DR mood!

But we suggest that you read the next segments to know what you can expect from a leading tow truck company in Tampa FL.

Because regardless of what you ride and how you drive, towing is something you will require at times- and those will be very trying ones.

You simply can’t afford to wing it with a sub-par tow company in Tampa.

What should you expect from a competent Tampa towing company?

While it is true that most towing services provide similar services, it is the quality of the service and the responsiveness which genuinely matter.

That said, here are the most common services & assistance that a tow truck Tampa agency should provide 24×7.

Towing services around the clock:

Towing service professionals never sleep. Because emergencies do not wait. A responsible Tampa towing company should provide these barebones services at the minimum:

Heavy-duty motorcycle, wrecker, flatbed truck, and long-distance towing.

Without these few essentials, no towing agency can claim to offer a full-bouquet service. Moreover, professional towing service in Tampa will have specialized vehicles capable of towing anything between 600-1200 kgs as far as passenger cars are concerned.

That weight will increase if a heavy-duty vehicle (like an oil tanker) is in question. Often, a vehicle is too heavy to be towed safely or without the assurance of zero-harm. In such cases, a reputed agency will ask the party to wait and replace the rescue vessel with another one capable of hauling heavier objects over longer distances.

Besides the practical aspects, there is also the concept of professionalism and work ethics. For example, a tow truck Tampa company should not (and will not) open your vehicle unless you have given your express permission.

Furthermore, there will be no damage to the underbelly of the chassis in any manner. The better the company is, the less you will have to discuss this nitty-gritty with their service representatives.

Finally, the service should be available 24x7x365. Although Florida is renowned for its comely weather, the tornadoes keep getting bigger and worse every year, a fact that professional towing agencies are well aware of. They will take adequate responses.

Finally, you should choose a Tampa towing company that does all of these and can be contacted more easily than others.

Flat tire repairs:

Despite the numerous options of run-flat tires available across America, they are not too popular. This leads to punctures and slow leaks, mostly when you least expect them!

A professional and competent towing agency will have the technology, know-how, and personnel who can repair and patch up the deflated tire till your vehicle has reached a minimum safe distance.

Occasionally, tires are too shredded for roadside assistance. Your vehicle will then require a tow.

However, a leading Tampa towing company also carries a set of tires- they will ask you for the dimensions in advance, of course. These include the aspect ratio, diameter, any unique features, wheel sizes, and so on.

Usually, most well-known towing services also have agreements with local garages and service centers where your vehicle will be towed to. Arrangements for a new set of appropriate tires can be made there too.

Emergency fuel deliveries:

Have you ever been stranded in the midst of nowhere since you did not check the fuel gauge and ran on reserves until your vehicle finally refused to go any further?

It is an awful experience!

While there are some towing centers that still do not provide this service, most of the professional and experienced ones do.

Essentially, it is an aspect of inventory management. A really good tow truck Tampa company knows how commonplace this aspect is, and it accordingly maintains a stock of gasoline for emergencies.

You must identify an outlet that can deliver emergency fuel from Florida State Road 694 to any other part of Tampa. That agency must also provide towing services, just in case the fuel issue has damaged some other parts of the vehicle- like the battery.

This brings us to the next point.

Battery replacements:

Batteries can give way to severe problems on the highway, you know. A dead battery is difficult to jump-start (if not impossible) and will require some major technical assistance from your chosen Tampa towing company.

In case you were unaware, a towing agency also provides battery replacement services. Before that happens, you must be careful and always keep an eye on the ‘Check Engine’ and the ‘Battery’ lights.

With the ECUs getting smarter each month, the Check Engine light starts blinking at the first sign of battery problems. Overuse of the AC and other reckless habits are often the reasons behind a dead battery, but we digress.

An experienced provider of towing services in Tampa will first diagnose what’s wrong with the cell. It will then try and jump-start it using appropriate jumper cables or clips. If nothing happens, the agency will arrange for a new battery.

Most passenger vehicles run on a 12V battery. Bigger vehicles naturally use a bigger cell as well.

Towing is necessitated if none of the steps mentioned here work.

Winch out service:

This is a crucial aid that towing agencies provide. If your vehicle has taken a nosedive into a ditch or a dilemma you failed to notice, you might be scared out of your wits. It happens to even the most experienced drivers.

Under such circumstances, it is necessary that you immediately contact a renowned tow truck Tampa agency which will then help move your vehicle to safety.

Winching out a trapped car is a risky business that several towing companies cannot do properly. The sheer dead weight and the depth of the pool of drying mud are the main reasons, besides their sheer incompetence.

It is always advisable to keep the contact details of a trusted and local Tampa towing company handy.

Once they are informed of your predicament, they will rescue you. It might take some time, but it will happen.

Car lockout services at best Tampa towing company:

If you have ever been locked out of your vehicle because you left the key stuck in the ignition or you left it inside while hopping out, you will require the assistance of expert locksmiths who can assess the problem correctly and provide solutions accordingly.

Car lockouts might seem impossible at first glance, but it is more common than you would imagine. It is, in fact, one of the leading reasons for roadside assistance calls in the United States.

Since every car has a different locking component, there is no proverbial ‘master key’ which is much-talked-about.

What you will need is a strategic intervention by a professional tow truck Tampa company that also provides this solution.

So, which is the best Tampa towing company?

Keeping in mind all of these services and amenities, charges, responsiveness, ease of access, and professionalism, it’s best that you choose your towing company wisely. You may consider ‘Heights Tow LLC‘ as one of the top firms in this segment in Tampa.

In the process, we spoke with several people who have been satisfied with their services around the clock. This was to reach an unbiased conclusion.

Heights Tow LLC boasts:

Some of the best technicians and locksmiths across Tampa FL.
30-minute response times on most occasions.
24×7 services, including all of the above and some more.
The highest referral percentage from users- a much better indicator of reliability than mere online reviews.
Attractive and competitive prices on all service packages.
An impressive fleet of towing vehicles that are maintained regularly.

These factors were enough to believe that you should contact Heights Tow during emergencies.
For more details, please visit their website. For immediate services, call or message the reception desk on 8132129436.