Flatbed tow­­-trucks

Types Of Tow Trucks

roadside assistance tampaThere are different types of tow trucks that a Tampa towing company uses these days. Do you know what are they? Here are the most common tow truck service types you will find.

Flatbed tow­­ trucks

These kinds of tow trucks have hydraulics installed which lets the flatbed to tilt to put the vehicles on or off the truck. After the vehicle id pulled on or off the flatbed, the flatbed is brought to its previous condition i.e. the horizontal mode. Flatbed tow trucks are considered among the safest to tow vehicles as they minimize any probable damage.

Hook and chain tow trucks

These kinds of tow trucks are used for years. Hook and chain tow trucks are usually used to tow wrecked vehicles. The process used by hook and chain tow trucks is quite simple. The truck connects the hook and to the axle of the vehicle and then lifts the vehicle. Then the hook and chain tow truck tow the vehicle to the destination. These days, due to better and more efficient towing alternatives, tow truck companies have decreased using this method. This kind of towing has proved to be vulnerable.

Wheel-lift towing

These kinds of tow trucks are usually used to tow cars. In this kind of towing, wheel-lifting equipment is used to grip the front wheels of the car and then the tow truck slowly tows the vehicle to the destination. The other parts of the car like the metal structure are left untouched in this kind of towing.

Integrated tow trucks

This kind of tow truck is more advanced and has more features and advantages as compared to other kinds of towing options. This kind of towing system is attached to a heavy-duty tow truck which has the capacity to tow heavier vehicle as well. This kind of tow truck has a complete integrated system that consists of various accessories of towing including boom, hydraulics and many more.

Having a proper idea about the types of tow trucks is crucial when in need of a tow truck in Tampa. This will help you decide on the type of tow truck you need immediacalltoy and help you save a lot of time and money while calling a tow truck. Not just that, this will also help you avoid any possible miscommunication with a tow truck company.