Towing fee in Tampa

How Much Is the Towing Fee in Tampa, Florida?

Towing your car in Tampa happens for a lot of reasons. You might experience unexpected car breakdowns and other issues, prompting you to call a towing company. However, consider the towing fee in Tampa before deciding which company to call.

When you know how much the towing fee in Tampa is, you have a better idea of the costs involved. It will be easier for you to call a towing company. You can compare prices and decide which among the local towing businesses provides a more reasonable price quote for the towing service that they provide.

If you’re asking how much is the towing fee, the car towing fee isn’t just set by the businesses providing the towing service. The good thing about towing fees in the United States is that they are regulated according to the policies enforced by each country. That means that the city or locality where you plan to tow your vehicle follows the county regulations where the place belongs to. You don’t have to worry about overpricing when it comes to the towing fee. In Tampa, Florida, the towing fee follows the regulations from the county in which it is situated: Hillsborough County.

Towing Fee in Tampa According to County Regulations

The city of Tampa, Florida, is located in Hillsborough County. This means that the towing fee in Tampa is based on Hillsborough County regulations. Any fees that a local business operating in Tampa, Florida has to follow the country regulations that Hillsborough County enforces within its jurisdictions.

Hillsborough County imposes a maximum limit of up to $125 for the towing fee in Tampa, FL. Towing companies cannot give a price quote of more than $125 when it comes to the towing service within Hillsborough County, in which Tampa, FL is located. Other counties in the state of Florida have varying limits for the towing fee, although on average they cost within the $100 to $200 range of towing charges.

Towing companies in Hillsborough County, meanwhile, are obliged to follow the maximum fee that they can impose for their services. Companies that are providing towing services in Tampa, Florida, can only ask for a towing fee that doesn’t exceed $125. The set limit covers only the towing fee and doesn’t include other costs that a business may charge you when you tow your car with them.

The $125 maximum towing fee is the charge set only for the towing activity alone. It doesn’t include other costs associated with the towing of your vehicle. There are other fees that you also have to consider, such as transporting the vehicle calculated on a per-mile basis. Then there are the storage fees, administrative fees, and extra charges for any additional labor. This adds up to the towing fee that a local business will give you as an initial price quote.

Towing Cost for Every Mile Transported

Another fee to consider is the towing cost of transporting the vehicle. Hillsborough County, in which Tampa City is located, has a $5 maximum limit for the towing cost. This will be calculated for every mile of transportation. Each county in the state of Florida also has different policies regarding the per-mile cost of transportation.

The fee for transporting the car after a towing activity depends on the company providing the services. Although, they can’t put the per-mile cost of transportation for more than $5 when they’re operating in Hillsborough County.

This additional per-mile transport for the towed vehicle has a limit in terms of the length of transport. A county the size of Hillsborough County imposes a policy that the towing activity cannot be performed if the vehicle is located more than 10 miles. This ensures that you will only pay for around less than 10 miles to transport your vehicle from the towing site to your residence.

Car Towing Fee per Day of Storage

There are cases when you can’t get the car right away after towing them, especially if your residence is far away from the area. This will require another car tow fee for the storage of the car. Hillsborough County implements a policy of not charging the storage fee within the first 6 hours of towing the vehicle. The storage fee applies only after the 6 hours maximum time limit has passed.

The towing charges per day of storage vary for each company providing the towing service. In Hillsborough County, however, there is a $25 maximum charging fee allowed for storage. Both the 6-hour time limit to charge and the $25 fee applies for towing in Tampa, Florida.

Avoiding the payment for car storage is possible. That is, within three hours only, depending on the policy of the towing company. If claiming your vehicle takes more than three hours, you need to consider payment of a $50 gate fee. This gate fee is allowed on Sundays. However, from Mondays to Saturdays, the gate fee can only be imposed between the hours of 6 p.m. and 8 a.m.

When you’re about to inquire about towing service, it’s important to take note of the storage fee, as this can add up, especially if you can’t claim the vehicle right after towing.

What Do the Towing Charges Include?

The towing charges will include the towing activity. You will only be paying for the job of towing your vehicle. It doesn’t include other miscellaneous activities related to towing your car.

Aside from the towing fee alone, you will also need to pay for other expenses. This can be additional labor required to tow and transport the car. Another would be the administrative fees or if you have special towing requests for the vehicle. Set aside around $75 as an administrative charge if there are any liens placed on the vehicle.

The towing activity might require additional labor. In this case, the towing company will put up another charge aside from the towing fee and other associated costs. This happens if your car needs additional repairs before it can be towed, or especially if the towing activity involves an accident.

The charges for additional labor start at $80 per hour of work. This billing will be added and calculated on a per 15-minute increment basis. Take note, however, that the additional labor cost for the towing fee in Tampa can only be billed if the labor will take more than 30 minutes to finish the work.

One thing to remember also is that there are no fees allowed for “special equipment” if your vehicle is being towed in Tampa, Florida. Look into the price quotation that the towing company will provide to you to make sure that there are no fees included for the towing service.

All of these are just some of the general fees that a towing service will add up. Any additional costs that will be incurred during the towing for your car are not included in the towing fee quote. It’s important to take note of this to avoid the expectation of having a lower service charge for the towing or receiving a different price quote when it’s time to claim your car.

How Do I Get My Car Towed in Tampa?

Towing a car in Tampa is easy, with various companies offering towing services in the city. You can call a Tampa towing company that provides affordable towing fees. Choose a local business that doesn’t charge too much to tow your car while providing great service for your towing needs.

The towing fee in Tampa follows the regulations set by Hillsborough County. Thus, you have to consider if the charges put out by the towing service are within the set limits that the Hillsborough County authorities imposed. See to it that their towing charges, per-mile transport, storage fee, and other associated costs do not exceed the county regulations. Check if their towing service does not have an exorbitant cost.

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