Tow Truck Service

Tow Truck Services – Things That No One Will Tell You

For those behind the wheel might have a fair idea of what a tow service is. In case, you are unaware of the same and have heard of it faintly, these emergency road operators are akin to saviors! Talking about tow truck service in specific, calling up experts or a company at a time when stranded on the road is indeed the best option. After all, it makes zero sense to work by oneself or dial a friend or someone close who will only add to the panicky situation you’re in, especially if he or she lacks the expertise and technical know-how to pull you out of the rut. The safest bet then would be to look up for 24-hour tow truck service or simply type towing near me, and get the necessary help at hand.

The Ever-Growing Popularity of Tow Truck Service

Over the last few years, there is a massive surge in the growth of tow truck service. Thanks to vehicle breakdowns, mishaps, and similar cases, these company operators had done their bit in rescuing people when they needed the most. Check for the records and statistics over the last decade and all over the world, and it won’t be surprising to see how several hundreds of accidents have occurred in different lands. To top it all, some drivers keep failing rules and violate all forms of parking regulations. As a result, it’s logical how the revenue generation of the business of tow truck service is differing markedly.

Equipment Used For Tow Services

There might be a host of tow truck services that you are considering, so understand the different equipment that comes of great use during emergencies. For convenience, you might check for a cheap tow truck service near me, but be certain about what you get in return.

Ideally, these are standards used by most operators, regardless of the tow truck service offered in rural or urban areas.

  • First, there is the adjustable boom. Specifically, they’re not designed for tow service for trucks or cars but assist operators in either pulling or even recovering the vehicles using pulleys.
  • Second, slides help locate the truck back. Often referred to as bed, the hydraulics fitted to the slide allows the bed to move down to the bottom level (right at the ground) and enable the towing vehicle to pull, possibly using a winch.
  • Third, the belt lifts help in attaching to the vehicles and also a loop. For the latter, it’s beneficial for the tow truck then to drag any recovery vehicle, using axles. However, some operators are averse to using this, owing to customers’ complaints about scratches caused on the bumper.
  • Fourth, the wheel lifts are somewhat new entrants on the block. They mostly resort to the chain and hook system from the traditional days but are way more technologically advanced. Operators attach metal yokes under the recovery vehicle’s wheels in the new system via a hydraulic elevator. The tow service of trucks then leads the vehicle to be towed.

Situations that Allow Tow Services

The good thing about tow truck service is that emergency towing can be availed on a 24/7 basis in most parts of the world. After all, no one knows when an emergency creeps up! As a result, it’s wiser to have the contact details of operators in the neighborhood or on roadsides where traveling is frequent. If everything else fails, look for a tow truck service near my location. This way, you will never run out of options.

However, two aspects rendered by tow truck services or towing facilities include both emergency and non-emergency situations.

  • Emergency – As stressed earlier, several operators receive calls and messages from drivers owing to emergencies. These are times like accidents, movement of any vehicle that poses a certain threat to the traffic, or when a breakdown occurs on the highway. This is when emergency tow truck service comes in handy.
  • Non-emergency – These situations are times when drivers tend to violate parking rules and chaos is inevitable. For instance, when the concerned authority has the command to insist any tow service truck company move the truck or the car or impound, just in case it hinders the movement of the traffic. Mostly, situations when a vehicle is parked in a no-parking zone or when it’s blocking a busy road, when double parking of a vehicle, and so on.


Not all tow truck service companies need to offer facilities that would live up to your expectations or meet the standards. Sometimes, the cost of towing company Tampa FL may disappoint you too, that’s why check the guide on towing service rates in Tampa.  However, before you become certain about the nearest tow truck service provider, check for essentials like certified, licensed, and trained professionals handling the job, irrespective of the size of the vehicle, quick response, roadside assistance at any given time, provision of additional services, accredited tow trucks and drivers and high-quality equipment, among others. To rule out the possibility of being cheated on by any tow truck service provider, seek the average cost for tow truck service. Additionally, compare prices offered by a few reputed tow service companies.