Local Tow Truck

Looking for a Local Tow Truck Agency? Here’s Why You Should Consider Heights Tow LLC

Have you ever been stranded on a cold and rainy night on a highway just because one of your tires had a leak? And you weren’t carrying the spare? Looking for a local tow truck agency?

It feels frustrating, doesn’t it? 

It can be more than that, of course. Your family and you might suffer from hypothermia and fall ill. There can be an animal attack. There are several other unfortunate but not impossible outcomes and eventualities. 

That is when a local tow truck company can be of great assistance.

Such a service provider can help haul your vehicle to safety, provide first-aid to your family members and yourself (if needed), repair and replace sundry other issues, and effectively serve you till you are safe.

That is where we come in.

We are Heights Tow LLC, one of Tampa’s oldest and most reputed local tow truck companies. We have had numerous patrons over the years and we have been fortunate to have excellent ratings on Google, Foursquare, and Yelp. Our agency employs local people who know the lay of the land and will be quickly able to help you wherever you are stranded.

We operate 24×7, 365 days a year. We do not take breaks because emergencies do not either!

Why should you hire a local tow truck company?

We believe this is a pretty valid question since there are so many nationwide service providers too. 

Some of the reasons why you can rely on us are the following:

  • Quicker response times on most occasions.
  • Tie-ups with multiple service centers in the vicinity.
  • Pay-later packages on offer.
  • Competitively priced service packages.
  • Attractive discounts during peak seasons.

Being one of the foremost agencies providing local tow trucks in Tampa, it is easy to reach out to us (especially when you are in a dangerous on-road situation with no solution in sight); all it takes is to leave a message on 8137338660. 

And rest assured, we will be there to bail you out!

What types of local tow truck services do we provide?

AAA provides a 360-degree service umbrella. From basic towing to several roadside assistance operations, we are easily one of the most prolific agencies in the area.

Here are some details about what you can expect from us.

  1. We provide both towing and wrecking services. In case you weren’t aware, wrecking is an advanced form of towing where some on-site maintenance and repair services are also available. 

Under existing laws, tow truck drivers are not permitted to handle any sort of repair work. That is the sole domain of the garage or the service center where the car is being towed to. 

Wrecking services like we provide use the same vehicles but also have technicians aboard. This is a major distinction and it also has a direct bearing on the package price. 

  1. Heights Tow LLC has multiple towing vehicles: This is one of the reasons you should always search for local tow truck companies near me. The odds are high that you will immediacalltoy be directed to our website! 

Since the types of vehicles we specialize in towing vary, the vehicles we use for towing are of different kinds as well. They differ mostly in the gross weight they can carry and also the total available area onboard- in case a car is totaled and needs to be taken to a scrapyard. 

Like all major local tow truck specialists, we have the following towing vehicles in our garage, ready for action at all times.

  • Hydraulic flatbeds are characterized by a unique ramp feature that is operated using a heavy-duty hydraulic mechanism. The flatbeds are extraordinarily tough towing monsters that can carry a great load for long distances without a hiccup. With the ramp, any vehicle can be mounted on top of the hauler without a hitch.

This is of great advantage when we are towing ATVs, snowmobiles (even though they are very rarely seen in Tampa and its outskirts), sedans and 4-WDs, and almost any pickup trucks.

  • Integrated tow trucks are vehicles that we keep ready and in fully working condition 24×7 since they are the most in-demand towing and hauling vehicles. They too have a hydraulic mechanism and several extra axles which makes them ideal for picking up and hauling heavy-duty vehicles to service garages or to our client’s preferred points. 

This is another reason why you should always search for a ‘local tow truck near me.’ Keep in mind that integrated tow trucks are gas guzzlers; they are rather expensive to operate and will scarcely cross City lines, let alone State borders. Only local agencies can be of aid to you, especially if you are stranded in some inaccessible location where cars seldom pass you by.

  • Wheel lifts are the best towing vehicles for passenger cars. Since not all cars are SUVs or 4-wheel-drives, a wheel lift is the next best bet. Simply put, these are smaller but very agile haulers which will secure the stricken vehicle by either the front or its rear axles and then tow it to safety. It prevents any damage to the undercarriage and is of great help to hapless motorists who might not know their way around. 
  1. On-road assistance: Our agency excels in providing a wide array of on-road services as we have enough experience in dealing with emergencies all across Tampa and beyond. We have highlighted a few of the common local tow truck services which we deliver any time of the day.
  • Vehicular collision and rescue: Collisions are sometimes the primary reason why you have to seek towing services in the first place. Our agency always sends a wrecker in such instances. Besides the usual towing-back-to-safety routine, we will also ensure that nobody is injured in the collision.

The best practices we follow are to ask everyone how they are feeling and if first-aid services are in order. Should there be any injuries, we can provide elementary healthcare while our other staff members and rescue personnel contact the nearest hospital or emergency health facility. 

As one of the leading local tow truck companies, we have connections (both personal and professional) with most clinics around Tampa. Our rescue team is well-adept at evaluating injuries and whether someone’s going into shock.

Should the situation demand, our team can also provide life-saving CPR. These singular services are the reasons why we are one of the most renowned agencies for local tow trucks in Tampa

  • Empty gas tank: Didn’t check the fuel gauge before leaving home and stranded around Tampa? Oops! While modern ECUs and sundry other sensors usually don’t let that happen, it is not unusual. You can reach out to us on 8137338660 and we will help you out with as much fuel as you require.

Our facility has an on-site fuel depot which is always topped up. This is a practice we follow 24x7x365. 

All you need to provide us with is some detail on the type of vehicle you are driving. And we will reach you come what may!

  • Flat tires: This is a major problem and affects more people than you would imagine. Helping people out in these circumstances is one of our most in-demand local tow truck services

There are 2 ways to go about this. One, we carry a high-power tire inflator with an automatic cut-off mechanism. On most occasions, this helps you drive back home or to a local service center. 

But what if your tire/s are too shredded and there is no way they can be reinflated even for a few hours? Well, we have a fix for that as well. Simply let us know the type of vehicle you are driving, the make and model, and we will reach you with what’s called a ‘universal tire’.

Heights Tow LLC also stocks several brands of tires in its inventory. They can come in handy as well.

  • Dead batteries: You will have to reach out to local tow truck companies to help you out as there’s no other way. Once you have contacted us, we will reach the area and jump-start your vehicle using advanced technologies and well-earned experience. This is also a pretty common issue and we recommend that you keep an eye on the ‘check engine light’ at all times. 

If you find the headlights or even the interior fixtures having trouble maintaining a steady brightness output, always get in touch with your trusted car garage to have a look at the cell. 

We can also help you out if you have had transmission failure, engine overheating, and some more.

A word on pricing

We provide attractive and competitive pricing on every service we provide besides complete peace of mind and quality assurance. Prices depend on the services required, how far your vehicle is from our center, the time of the day (or night), availability of certain accouterments like new tires, and so on.

But with so many people who have reposed their faith in us for so many years, you can try us out as well. Avail of the most comprehensive local tow truck services only at Tampa’s Heights Tow LLC!